Welcome to Your New Home

What to Expect

We understand that moving into a new environment and beginning a new phase of life may seem daunting. Worry not! We are here to ease your worries by ensuring that this transition is as easy, fuss-free and sound as possible. Here’s what you can expect before your check-in with us.

Safety & Medical Checks

Safety & medical assessments will be conducted on all new residents to identify potential health risks, implementing safety protocols, and providing access to healthcare services as needed.

Individualized Care & Goal Plans

Upon onboarding, a care and goal-setting plan will be developed based on the resident’s medical history, personal preferences, and goals. This plan will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure their needs are being met.

Meet the Community

We want to facilitate social engagement opportunities for all our new residents, to help you feel welcomed and included in our vibrant community. This is the perfect time to be making new friends!

Personalizing Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and that’s why we’re all for our residents personalizing their homes! Be it your favourite furniture or personal mementos, we want to help you create a space that is uniquely yours.


Family involvement is crucial during this time to ensure they are in the loop with their loved ones. This involves regular communication, addressing concerns/questions, and providing opportunities for visitation and participation in the resident’s care.

Special Requests?

Should you require any special assistance or have any specific requests upon your check-in to our community, do let us know in advance and we’d be happy to ensure they are ready by the time you arrive.