Amenities & Facilities

We understand that moving into a new environment and beginning a new phase of life may seem daunting. Worry not! We are here to ease your worries by ensuring that this transition is as easy, fuss-free and sound as possible. Here’s what you can expect before your check-in with us.

BBQ Area

Our outdoor BBQ area offers a delightful space for you to gather, socialize, and enjoy delicious meals prepared with care.

Swimming Pool & Heated Jacuzzi

Our serene pool provides opportunities for relaxation, gentle exercise, and therapeutic water activities, allowing you to maintain mobility and enjoy moments of leisure.

Entertainment Room

In our movies and karaoke room, you can indulge in entertainment, movie nights, educational presentations, and cultural events, fostering engagement and stimulation.


Our fully-equipped gym encourages you to prioritize your physical health and well-being, with tailored exercise programs and opportunities for strength-building and cardiovascular fitness.

Silver Spoon

The Silver Spoon dining establishment within our residents offers nutritious and flavorful meals prepared with fresh ingredients, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment around shared dining experiences.

Physiotherapy Room

Our specialized physiotherapy room provides you with access to therapeutic treatments, rehabilitation exercises, and support from qualified professionals to address mobility challenges and promote overall physical wellness.